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The Groton Town Diaries are a unique historical collection about the town of Groton, Massachusetts, in the 20th century. In 1918, at the annual Town Meeting, citizens of Groton voted to appoint a Town Diarist. The tradition continues to this day. Eighteen historic volumes of the Groton Town Diaries, dating from 1918 through 1971, are preserved in the Historical Room at the Groton Public Library. The fragile original volumes have undergone extensive conservation treatment, funded by the Groton Public Library Endowment Trust, and now digitized versions of the Town Diaries are available for viewing online.

The Town Diaries are each diarist's personal perspective on life in Groton. They contain hand-written accounts of local news and events, as well as newspaper clippings, photographs, and other items. Learn more about the Town Diarists who created these volumes.

The Town Diaries are presented as a work in progress. The initial offering includes three complete volumes from the series: Volume I (1918-1924), Volume VII (1948-1954), and Volume VIII (1955-1958). More volumes will be added as indexing work is completed. Full-text searching is not available. In order to make these volumes "searchable," each page has been individually indexed for references to personal names, organizations, businesses, places, and other subjects. Users may read a volume page-by-page, browse it by selecting a name, subject or date from the lists provided, or search for words found in any of the indexed metadata fields (e.g. name, subject, description). We welcome your comments and suggestions for improving this digital library collection.

Conservation of the Groton Town Diaries and this digital library project have been made possible with the generous support of the Groton Public Library Endowment Trust. GPL is grateful for the hard work and unflagging enthusiasm of many volunteers who made this project a reality, including Mike Manugian, Edythe Salzman, Sanford Johnson, and Eleanor Chanda, as well as consultants Barbara Kampas and Benjamin Florin.

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