Help for "What's New"

The "Search What's New" feature allows the user to search for recent items (Books, Videos, Books-on-Tape, etc) ordered by the staff. It provides a quick and easy way to enter an author's last name (or part of the name) or the title (or part of the title) and see if the item has been ordered and whether it has been received by GPL.

Example # 1   Search for a book by author.

You want to search for a book by Rita Mae Brown.   Enter:  Brown in the "Author's LAST Name Box" and hit the button labeled "Submit Query" at the bottom of the screen.  This will search the database for all books by an author whose name is "Brown".  You can print out a list if you wish using the browser's print button. *Note the last column, A/C means Adult or Children's material.  You can be selective in what you search for and how the results are sorted by using the selection boxes on the lower portion of the screen.

Example # 2  Search for a book by author with a specific last and first name

You can also search for a book by an author's full name but it must be entered in the form of  Last Name  COMMA SPACE then first name and middle initial or name.  So, to search specifically for Stephen King  you would type:

King, Stephen

It is recommended  that the user just enter the last name of the author, as its a more reliable method of searching.

Example #3  Search by Title

You can search by Title by leaving the Author field blank, and entering the whole title or just a part of the title you are looking for.

Example # 4  Search for all Children's CD's that were received in the Last 30 Days and sort the results by Title.

Leave the Author and Title fields bank Use the drop down selection boxes to select (click on) the desired options. Then click on "Submit Query".  This will produce a list of all videos (or any other material type you selected) sorted by Title (the default sort order).

Your resluts page will show each item in the sort order you requested, it will also provide you with the number of matches and a listing of your search criteria.  You can print your results and take them with you if you like. The four selection boxes can be used in a number of ways to organize and select your personal lists.  Try different combinations.

"Coming Soon" means that the item has been ordered by the staff, but has not yet been received.  These items are listed so you can "REQUEST A HOLD" on them. So, when the item is received you will be notified by telephone to come in and check it out.  You MUST have a Valid Groton Public Library Card and your PIN Number ready to place a HOLD on the item.  Simply click on the  button for the item you would like to "REQUEST A HOLD" on.  A new page will be displayed and you will be asked for your GPL Library Card Number and your PIN number.  If you do not have a PIN number, please see the Circulation desk the next time you are in the Library.

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